Built in 1951, Corning Museum of Glass is a really unique and beautiful museum, dedicated to the history, science and art of glass. 

Washington, DC's Newseum (Museum of News) & Corning Glass museum are now my two favorite museums in North America. Corning is a small town that is very easy to miss when you are travelling from Toronto down to the big and famous cities of the east, Boston, New York, Washington DC. Finally I decided to do a day trip to this town, about 4 hours drive from Toronto.

My blogs are supposed to be memories of my photo trips...memories not just of picture taking but also of the circumstances and issues swirling around me and affecting the world around me. I had originally planned to do this trip the week before but cancelled it last minute, after "Paris" happened. Didn't seem a good idea to be crossing the border the day after this devastating terrorist attack. Poignant truth of our times...the world of fear and suspicion we have to live nowadays...because of the senseless acts of violence that some people indulge in.

I was still a bit apprehensive about crossing the border one week after the incident and immediately after the Mali hostage taking happened. But surprisingly, my border crossing turned out to be one of the quickest in recent memory (of course when you are the only person crossing the border at a given time, it does help too!). A hot glass demo by a visiting glass artist Jaime Guerrero, at the museum, was also about a contemporary topic. He was working on a glass art piece/sculpture titled 'Refugees & Pinatas', about Syrian refugees and Mexican immigrants.

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Corning Glass Museum

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